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Jingle Ball 2004 RYAN CABRERA was amazing <33 and so ADORABLE!… - ..::Ryan Cabrera::.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 11th, 2004|07:52 pm]


[mood |gratefulgrateful]
[music |.-switchfoot *more than fine]

Jingle Ball 2004

RYAN CABRERA was amazing <33 and so ADORABLE! He showed us his Santa socks and his christmas boxers, the crowd went CrAzYy lol he was the last performer, well worth the wait!! Aww, I love him and it was totally cool to be there and see him LIVE even though my seats SUCKED big time :) It was fun! Yay for Ryan Cabrera!

Hi Jaime! ;)

From: x0xcutie043x0x
2004-12-24 12:25 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: kidemo2
2004-12-27 08:02 pm (UTC)

come on instrumental

do you know where i may find the instrumental version to 'come on' by ben jelen? i have a low quality version that came from a radio promo cd, but i'm looking for a higher quality version. it's for a school project i'm working on, which inspired this project. thanks soooo much!!
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